Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Doggy Dash? 
The Doggy Dash is a virtual race consisting of a simulated trail from Fidos in Laurel, MD, to our two Labrador Retriever breeders: Project 2 Heal in North Carolina and Empress Labradors Homestead in Illinois.
Not a runner? No worries! You will complete “miles” by participating in everyday activities. Dash miles are earned with activities such as housework, fishing, dog training, and even shopping! With such a multitude of choices, anyone can join!
Since we are competing in teams this year, your miles will be added to those of other members of your puppy’s team to determine the team’s total miles. Find your team’s avatar on the race map to track which team is in the lead.
Ask your friends to join so your team will raise the most and get the farthest!

How do I sponsor a specific racer? To sponsor a racer or team click here  

How long is the race? 
The race is for 30 days. It goes from April 9th to May 9th

I want to change teams, can I? 
You can. Please contact us by going to our contact page and we will move you if there is space on the team. ​​​​​​​

How can I create a Racery account and nickname? 
You create your personal Racery account and nickname at the moment you sign up for your first virtual race. (Not before!) This will happen once you select which team you want to join. You can later edit your nickname in your bio settings, assuming the new name you want is available!  Permitted nickname characters: letters, numbers, and ./+/-/_ characters.

How does Racery convert activity minutes into miles?
  Racery has combined various academic resources that convert activities like dancing and swimming into steps to convert activities into route miles. Some race sponsors use custom conversion tables. Here's their standard list of the ~80 activities we convert.​​​​​​​

What happens once I finish the race miles( How does the Ultra Leader Board work)?  
You get to keep logging miles and competing until the race period is over! Once you (or your team) have finished the original distance and then next logs miles, you (or your team) will also appear in the ultra leader board as Ultra Dashers, with your total miles tallied. The order of racers/teams that finished the first loop is reflected by their position in the first loop's leader board. (Backdated miles won't change the order of "finished" competitors.)

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